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Create a Trainer event

This page comes from the old Wiki. It's probably not up to date.

In PSDK a trainer consist of 3 event pages

First Page

The first page is related to the player detection, call trainer_spotted(x) in a condition where x is the number of steps the event can do to detect the player.

Page 1
First event page

Second page

The second page is the trainer speech when he spotted the player.
You'll have to specify the Ruby Host trainer ID using the variable 8 and then start one of the 5 first RMXP battle.

If you don't use the RMXP defeat command, use the switch 37 to be sure the player won and enable the 3rd page.

Page 2
Battle start

Third page

The third page is only what the trainer will say if you speak to him again. (Can just say a dialog or start a new battle if wanted).

Page 3
Third page