Pokémon SDK Wiki

Fix issues

This page list some known issue you can have using PSDK.

RubyFPS are low

Usually in PSDK, RubyFPS should always be higher than 200FPS. If your hardware is good but you RubyFPS are low, ask yourself this question: Am I running PSDK under a Nvidia Graphic Card ?
If the answer is yes, then there's an easy fix for this issue:

Nvidia Control Panel
Disable Threaded Optimization

The game doesn't start

Sometime, the game can crash during the starting process. If that happen, we cannot help unless you do the following procedure:

  1. Double click on cmd.bat in your project folder (cmd if extensions are not visible).
  2. Write the command game debug and press enter.
  3. Wait until you're able to write commands on the console again.
  4. Click in the dark area of the console, press CTRL+A two time and press CTRL+C (this should copy the whole console content)
  5. Open Notepad (Window+R => notepad)
  6. Paste the content of the console using CTRL+V
  7. Save the file and send it to use in the channel #en-psdk-support

We'll tell you what's wrong.