Pokémon SDK Wiki

Install PSDK

In this article we'll see how to install PSDK, if you don't want to read, you can watch buttjuice youtube video about PSDK :

Download PSDK

You have two way to download PSDK. You can grab an archive from the download page or from the Pokémon Workshop Discord.

Download from the Pokémon Workshop Discord

In the Pokémon Workshop Discord there's a #access_psdk channel where you ask for Access.

Access PSDK
Request for PSDK Access

Once you got the access, some channel will appear :

Install PSDK

You may be tempted to extract PSDK with WinRaR. You should not do this. WinRaR and 7zip are two russian competing software, one cost money and the other is free and they don't understand their competitor format. This mean you need to use 7zip to extract PSDK otherwise you'll have some bugs.

Extract PSDK in a folder that match the following requirement :

Examples :

Test if PSDK works

To test if PSDK works perform the following steps :

  1. open cmd.bat
  2. write game
  3. press enter

If the Game window opens and the game seem to work properly, you can close it.
If the Game window does not show, report the console log in #english-support on Pokémon Workshop Discord server.

Update PSDK

Most of the time, the full archives are not up-to-date. You need to update them using the launcher.

  1. Open Launcher-english.exe
  2. Click on Detect and Download Update

If the update fails, try the following procedure :

  1. open cmd.bat
  2. write game --util=update
  3. press enter

You'll be able to copy & paste the whole console log in #english-support on Pokémon Workshop Discord server

Set PSDK to english by default

With a simple script you can force PSDK to be in english :

module GamePlay
  class Load
    remove_const :DEFAULT_GAME_LANGUAGE

If you want to keep the language choice, just remove the LANGUAGE_CHOICE_LIST.clear line.

By default PSDK uses an AZERTY layout, you can modify the key binding by pressing F1 in game.

Edit events & maps

To edit your events & maps, you can open one of the following file with RPG Maker XP :

They work according to your RPG Maker XP version.

If you don't see the .rxproj extensions you should follow this tutorial Show File Extension in Windows. It's really important to always see the extensions otherwise you could click on a exe, com, bat or sys file without knowing it and maybe get a Virus.

Speaking of Virus, if you analyze the PSDK archive with virus total, some AV may detect a trojan, especially the chinese one. If none of F-Secure, Kaspersky, MalewareByte, BitDefender, Windows Defender or MacAfee detect a virus, you can consider the archive is clean. In case of doubt, always download the archive from Official Sources.