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Programming in PSDK


Under PSDK the programming methods are a bit different than under classic RMXP Project. PSDK uses Ruby 2.5+ while RMXP Project uses Ruby 1.8. PSDK also has a separate script base (from the user base) because PSDK relies on Ruby files instead of a big monolithic Scripts.rxdata (this helps PSDK to work with GIT).

Ruby 2.5 is at least 4 times faster than Ruby 1.8 and have a lot of new cool feature comparing to Ruby 1.8.

It's strongly suggested to know a bit how to program in Ruby before programming in PSDK. For that you have two tutorials :

Do not follow in any case the Essentials Script tutorial, even if Marin or Lukas did them. They're potentially bad because Essentials doesn't follow the basis of Ruby Programming (using snake case for example) and runs under Ruby 1.8 which lead to bad implementations in Ruby 2.5.


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