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Item editor

This page comes from the old Wiki. It's probably not up to date.

Item editor UI

The Item button on the Home UI opens the Item editor, it allows you to define Potions, Balls and a lot of various item.

Item editor
Item editor UI

Create a new Item

To create a new Item :

  1. Make sure all the text required for the new Item exists (Name + Description)
  2. Click on the Add button.
  3. Configure the item according to how you want it to work.
    • If you want the item to be consumable check the Limited use checkbox.
    • If you don't want the item to be sold set Price : to 0.
  4. To make an item that affect the Pokémon statistic (HP, Status, EV, PP, etc...) :
    • Click on the Heal data button.
    • Edit the data in the window that opens.
    • Don't forget to click on Save.
      Heal data editor
      Heal data UI
  5. To make a new Ball :
    • Click on the Catch data button.
    • Edit the data.
    • The Specific catch rate (hash) : field contains information for the catch rate calculation script.
    • Don't forget to click on Validate.
      Catch data editor
      Catch data UI
  6. For all other items that does specific things (stone, TM etc...) :
    • Click on the Specific data button.
    • Edit the wanted data.
    • Don't forget to click on Save.
  7. When returning to the Item editor UI don't forget to click on Save.

Create a new TM/HM

To create a new TM/HM :

  1. Make sure the item texts exists (Name + Description)
    The name of the item should be HM XX or TM XX, the name of the move should not be specified in the name.
  2. Click on Add
  3. Set the item properties (limited use, map usable etc...)
  4. Click on Specific data.
    • Check you're editing the new item.
    • Choose the number for TM ID : or HM ID : (make sure you don't use an ID that is already used).
    • Choose a move in the Skill Learnt drop down
    • Don't forget to save.

Common Event ID is used to know which RMXP common event to call when you use the item from the bag.