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Move editor

This page comes from the old Wiki. It's probably not up to date.

Move editor in Ruby Host

The Moves button in the Home UI opens the Moves Editor. The move behaviors depends on the method used (:s_basic for tackle).

Move Editor UI
Move editor UI

Create a new move

  1. Make sure all the texts for the move exists (Name + Description)
  2. Click on Add move.
  3. Set the move properties (watch how other move where done if needed)
  4. If the move is a TM/HM that can trigger something from the Party Menu, set the ID of the common event to call in Common event ID (map) :
  5. Choose the Method used in BattleEngine:.
    • :s_basic for tackle
    • :s_stat for Growl
    • :s_status for Will-O-Wisp
    • :s_multi_hit for Bullet Seed
    • :s_2hits for Double Hit
    • :s_ohko for Fissure
    • :s_2turns for Fly
    • :s_self_stat for Close Combat
    • :s_self_statut for a move that inflict status to the user.