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Trainer editor

This page comes from the old Wiki. It's probably not up to date.

Trainer editor in Ruby Host

The Trainers button from the Home UI allows you to edit the trainer

Trainer editor UI

Create a new trainer

To create a new trainer click on add under the Trainer list. You can define :

The trainer name

In the Name or names field you can input the name or the list of trainer name (if it's 2v2 battle).

The given money

In the Base money field you can edit the factor multiplied to the last's Pokémon level.

Trainer speech

Cick on Edit victory/defeat speech. It shows the text editor (with the right text id), you can edit the speech there.

Double battle mode

Check the Double battle checkbox.

You should give two names with this option!

Its battler

Double click on the battler image (under Battler:)

The battler should come from the Graphics/Battlers folder of the project!
If you can't put another battler, re-open the project with Ruby Host, the path is probably corrupted.

Its special group

This option will be deprecated in Alpha 25.

Its Pokémon

You can add/remove various Pokémon from the Party list. Click on a Pokémon to edit its properties (EV, IV etc...)

Special case

The Trainer team n°: allows you to tell which trainer own the Pokémon in 2v2 (0 = first, 1 = second)

The form correspond to the form of the Pokemon, for example 1 = Unkown B if you're editing the Unkown's properties.

Once done, click on Save and go back to RMXP in order to edit the Trainer event.