Pokémon SDK Wiki

Getting Started

Setting up a New Project

When launching Tiled for the first time, we are greeted with the following window:

Première ouverture de Tiled

Since Tiled 1.4, you can manage maps and tilesets in a project to organize it. To make all our assets readily accessible from the Project view, as well as to be able to quickly switch between multiple projects, it is recommended to first set up a Tiled project. This is however an entirely optional step that can be skipped when desired.

Choose Project, Save Project As… to save a new project file. The recommended location is the root of your project.

You can add folders to your project to organize it:

To go further on this subject, please refer to the corresponding section of the Tiled documentation.

Creating a New Map

To create a New Map, choose File, New, New Map..., or just push CTRL + N. The following dialog will pop up:

New Map - Tiled

You can now configure various parameters:

All of these things can be changed later by chosing Map then Map Properties..., so it’s not important to get it all right the first time.

If you set up a project, make sure to save the map to a folder that you had added to your project.

Creating a New Tileset

After saving our map, we’ll see the tile grid and an initial tile layer will be added to the map. However, before we can start using any tiles we need to add a tileset. Choose File, New then New Tileset… to open the New Tileset dialog:

New tileset - Tiled

You can now configure various parameters:

And now ?

You can now set up your Tileset, add terrains, edit properties, etc. Once it's done, go back to your map. You see your Tileset now appears in the Tilesets' list:

Tilesets - Tiled

You can choose Stamp Brush tool, first of its list, then start painting using tiles. Enjoy it!

Take time to learn to use each tools you have on Tiled, and to set up your layers. Remember you have a documentation if you have a question.