This engine allows you to make 2D P*k*mon games running on Computer devices.

What engine PSDK use ?

PSDK use the LiteRGSS to display the game & FMOD to process the audio files.

You can find a documentation of the LiteRGSS here : LiteRGSS documentation.

How to edit a PSDK project ?

Currently, you use two or three tools to edit a PSDK project :

  • RPG Maker XP : to edit the event and eventually the maps
  • Tiled : To make the maps with more freedom (you'll need Tile2RXDATA to load the map in RMXP)
  • RubyHost : to edti the database.

How to download PSDK ?

To download PSDK you should join the Pokémon Workshop Discord and ask the access in #access_psdk then download the right archive in the Téléchargements-PSDK category.

Technical informations

  • Framerate : 60FPS
  • Default screen resolution : 320x240
  • Supported OS : Windows, Debian-like OS.
  • Ruby version : 2.5.0 (on Windows)
  • Supported Ruby feature :

    • Socket, net/HTTP, net/HTTPS
    • OpenSSL
    • Json, YAML
    • Thread, Fiber, Mutex
    • Gems (using Game gem <arguments>)
    • Bundle (using Game bundle <arguments>)