Pokémon SDK

PSDK is a Starter Kit allowing to create Pokémon Games using various tools like RPG Maker XP and custom data base editors.

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Contrary to PSP or Essentials, PSDK doesn't use the RGSS. We wrote a graphic engine called LiteRGSS using SFML, which allows a better mastering of the Graphic part of PSDK like adding Shaders, turning some graphic process to C++ side etc...

  • Game Engine : LiteRGSS2 (under Ruby 3.0.1)
  • Default screen size : 320x240 (upscaled to 640x480)
  • Sound : FMOD (Support: Midi, WMA, MP3, OGG, MOD, WAVE)
  • Map Editor
  • Event Editor
    • RMXP
  • Database Editor
    • RubyHost
  • Dependencies : SFML, LodePNG, libnsgif, FMOD, OpenGL, sfeMovie, ffmpeg

PSDK Features

System Features

  • Time & Tint System (using virtual or real clock)
  • Particle System (display animation on characters according to the terrain without using RMXP animations)
  • FollowMe (also known as Following Pokémon)
  • Quests
  • Double Battles
  • Running shoes
  • Key Binding UI (F1)
  • Multi-DayCare
  • Berry System
  • GTS

Mapping & Event Making Features

  • Shadow under events system (also known as Overworld Shadows)
  • Extended event info (using the event name)
    This feature allow the maker to specify various thing like the event graphics y offset, if the event display shadow or even if the event needs to display a sprite (optimization).
  • SystemTags (Give more info about the terrain and allow specific interactions)
    • Wild info System Tags (+Particles) : Tall Grass, Cave, Sea/Ocean, Pond/River, Sand, Snow etc…
    • Mach Bike tiles (muddy slopes & cracked tiles)
    • Acro Bike tiles (white rails & bunny hop rocks)
    • Slopes (HGSS thing)
    • Stairs (4G+ stairs)
    • Bridges (With event support)
    • Ledges
    • Rapid water tiles (forcing direction) / Ice (sliding)
    • Wet sand (Water particle on player)
    • Headbutt
  • Dialog / Text Database allowing easier translation for the game using CSV format
  • Special Warp fades (5G out->in & 3G transition)
  • Weathers : Rain, Harsh sunlight, Sandstorm, Snow, Fog
  • Premade common events : Strength, Dig, Fly, DayCare Hosts, Berry Trees, Dowsing Machine, Head Butt, Cut, Rods, Rock Smash, WaterFall, Flash, Whirlpool, Rock Climb, Teleport, Defog


  • Voltorb Flip
  • Ruins of Alph puzzle
  • Mining Game
  • Slot Machines